My Intrepid Journey To Hitting The Golf Ball DEAD STRAIGHT

tee off (1)

Hi and welcome to my first blog. This is a story of my journey into the golfing world. As a kid, I used to watch golf on TV not really knowing much about the how’s and why’s of different golf swing techniques. I would go outside, grab a wooden stick lying around and smack away, trying to hit that imaginary ball past 250 yards onto the green. So as the years went by, I pretty much never played a full game on a golf course, maybe a few times a year going to the driving range to eagerly spend time knocking back some brewskies and smacking some balls as hard as I could, and usually going home feeling pretty sore and wobbly.

My mate Trevashen asks me if I want to take up the sport and start playing seriously. I said sure! This could be fun and there’s always some action at the golf course club houses. I was in my garage dusting off my golfbag when I put on my glove and it gave me a strange feeling of bravado and excitement. I am definately taking this on as a personal challenge to myself!

So I start researching all the greats of the game, like Tiger Woods, Jack Nichlaus, Ernie Els, Rory Macilroy….the list goes on and on, but you get the point.

club blueprint

The first thing I had to figure out was what they knew that I didn’t know. The answer? Simple, proper grip and swing technique. Consistency is the key. And confidence, confidence is absolutely critical. If you do not step to that tee and have absolute 100% confidence in yourself, knowing that you can hit that ball exactly the way you need to to make happen what you want to happen, then you will have something other than confidence….HIT and HOPE.

Follow me through my blog and my journey in the dream of WINNING some tournament in the near future!!!


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