Beauty and the Blogger – Interview with Model “Lauren Nicoll”

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I have really taken an immense liking to blogging. For me it’s a creative outlet in a vast world of expressionism and content development. I am getting to meet and interact with new interesting people that share their views and opinions.

Today im super excited about my post, I got to interview a MODEL.

Lauren Nicoll is a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, model, beauty editor, and cat lover.

Photographer: Sarah De Pina Stylist: Papama Ramogase

Lets get to know her better…

DG: When did you first get involved in the modelling industry?

Lauren Nicoll: I got involved in the industry very early, age 13, although only really started taking it seriously from age 16-17 realizing it was something I really enjoyed and wanted to do well at.

DG: In your opinion what does it take to be a successful model?

Lauren Nicoll: I think to be a successful model you need to believe in yourself, work hard at it and put your head down and focus. Enjoy what you do and do your best. Stay true to yourself, eat right, play the game right, travel right, look the part and don’t sweat the small stuff.

DG: How often are you modelling and what does it usually consist of?

Lauren Nicoll: Well I’ve been doing this a while now so my main focus has shifted to different career commitments. I do the odd job here and there where I can, doing them because I want to, not because I have to which makes a difference. Anything from a magazine cover here and there, TV commercials sprinkled in-between to other niche shoots-all a mix really. I love shooting and feel most comfortable in front of a camera.

Image courtesy of Dossier magazine Photographer: Paulo Toureiro Make-up & Hair: Renton Wade.

DG: When you aren’t modelling, do you have a day job?

Lauren Nicoll: Yes indeed, one needs two jobs when modelling, unless you slaying it overseas like Candice Swanepoel of course.;)

DG: What is it that you do?

Lauren Nicoll: I work for a business and lifestyle magazine called Destiny and Destiny man magazine and have done so for the past 6 years, my role as lifestyle production manager involved securing appointments to photograph majority of the business women and men, celebs and others featured throughout the mags, booking artists, securing locations, conceptualizing shoots and managing them as well as styling where needed. I’m grateful for that role as I have been exposed to so many inspirational different people and have grown so much from it. I have now recently been promoted to Beauty editor for Destiny magazine- a journey I’m excited to embark on once back from maternity leave.

DG: What are your personal and professional goals aspirations?

Lauren Nicoll: Personally my goals are to grow spiritually and to never stop learning positive tools along my journey to become a better mother and wife, and all round better person, making myself happy at the end of the day. I’ve come to realize that only you can make you happy. Professionally I have similar aspirations and would like to always enjoy and love what I do in the hope that people will see and feel the love when looking at my work, whatever it may be. Life can change in an instant so it’s important to love what you do.

DG: What are your current favourite items of style?

Lauren Nicoll: My current favourite fashion items for winter are… My beautiful pointy-toe leather knee high winter boots from Spitz, my beige oversized trench jacket hubby just brought back for me from the UK-I can’t live without my many pairs of black tights and lastly my beautiful skull scarf from IKKS

My current style is… Very relaxed with a chic sporty look. Since I had my son, I have been living in oversize sweaters, tights and my Nike AirMax ones. Comfort has been key.

DG: Do you practice any sports and what do you typically eat?

Lauren Nicoll: Sports have never really been my forte although over the years I have come to see how important making healthy decisions for one’s life is. I’m trying to be more conscious of what I put into my body food wise and to do more exercise. I started yoga almost 2 years ago and it’s the longest I have stuck to anything health related. It really resonates with me, I’m not a gym person at all but do love yoga.

9 months pregnant maternity shoot Photographer: Michelle Wastie Make-up Hair: Niqui Da Silva

DG: Tell us about your son and husband?image2

Lauren Nicoll: I can’t find words beautiful enough to describe how I really feel for these two, they are my life, my world, my everything. I have never been happier.

I’m so grateful they chose me to be in their lives.

I’m inspired by people I surround myself with and I’m also inspired by certain events that have taken place in my life. The process I follow is simple-when I love something, I put my whole heart and soul into it making it beautiful and something for me to be proud of. It always shows when I love something.

DG: If you had to choose one male and female who inspires you, who would they be?

Lauren Nicoll: Only one!?! Ah that’s a hard one- I have so many although if I had to choose one person off the top of my head it would have to be my boss Khanyi Dhlomo-CEO of Ndalomedia. She’s an amazing business woman who goes from strength to strength every year inspiring loads of woman along her journey. A male I’m inspired by is my son- he’s just too sweet teaching me patience, love like no other and that life is beautiful.

DG: What are your upcoming projects?

Lauren Nicoll: Well I’m learning to be a mom so that’s an ongoing project for the rest of my life haha! No, on another note though, I have so many ideas I just need to buckle down, choose one and accomplish it. Taking on my new role at the magazine as beauty editor can be a start, making beautiful pictures and hopefully inspiring people as I go along.

DG: Your recent hobby is knitting, any Christmas sweaters on your to-knit list?

Lauren Nicoll: Nah -no Christmas sweaters but I am starting off small with a blanket for my son and then eventually, I would like to knit a BIG throw for my husband and me. I’m a bit obsessed with throws.

DG: What do you think about the 67 blankets for Mandela campaign and the world record?

Lauren Nicoll: I think it’s an amazing feat and wish I knew about it sooner so I could contribute.  It really shows that even when South Africans face a lot of hardships and dark times we still pull together and help and support one another to move forward with a positive change. Anything that gives back and helps others in life makes me happy. Lauren image 5

DG: Is there a world record you would ever attempt to break?

Lauren Nicoll: I think I’m good thanks!  I have my hands full at the moment- I’m ambitious but not that ambitious 😉
Maybe ask me again in 5 years 🙂

DG: Any social media or website details where people could follow you?

Lauren Nicoll: Yes people can follow my Instagram – porrieporridge1


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