[Stripped Down] ~ Killer Acoustic Covers

guitar player silhouette 2

Covering another artist’s song is a fantastic way for someone to demonstrate his or her musical skill in light of another’s. It seems that the notion of deconstruction is quite an accurate description of a song, for now a song written in one genre can be entirely re-interpreted in another. The song, while the product of an artist with a unique vision, has the capability to become something else once it is out for everyone to hear. Once a song is out in the open, it could very well undergo a transformation unlike the original artist ever anticipated. Fortunately, due to the skills of many artists, that need not be a bad thing.

I have to give credit to my friend Teshni for opening my ears to a few of these…

These are prime examples of tracks that not only stand as great songs in their own right, but also as powerful re-interpretations of already great tunes. These songs all attest to the ability of music to unite people with distinct voices. As it turns out, unplugged/acoustic covers aren’t just for bad coffee houses.

Ray LaMontagne – “Crazy”

Mandy Moore – “Umbrella” (Rihanna ft. Jay-Z)

The Fray – “Heartless” (Kanye West)

“Lollipop” (Lil Wayne)

“Latch” (Sam Smith)

Ed Shereen – “Pony” (Genuwine)

guitar player silhouette 3



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